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New to prerolls

The way that we consume marijuana has changed dramatically in recent years, but one of the biggest game changers by far is prerolls. If you can’t roll to save your life or are just looking for an easier, quicker way to consume, pre-roll packs are your new best friend. Instead of attempting to roll your own joints over and over — eventually just giving up and hitting your vape pen — your cannabis now comes delivered to your door, rolled up and ready to light. Here are five reasons prerolls are the perfect product to try out.

Prerolls make life easier

Prerolls could not be a more convenient way of consuming cannabis. They come individually rolled or in packs, perfect to throw in your bag and take on the go. Smoke Queen packages our pre-rolls in a pocket-sized metal tin so there are no worries about crushing them if you’re out and about. The packaging also conceals the smell so transporting them is discreet. Even single pre-rolls are packaged in environmentally responsible eco-plastic tubes, making it super easy to slip in your pocket before you head out.

The quality of the flower is actually amazing

Quality is key. Old school pre-rolls were usually rolled with dry, fast burning, leftover shake, but those days are long gone. Now, they’re rolled with premium cannabis and are vacuum sealed, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. The individual cones are a great way to try out top-shelf strains without splurging for an entire eighth. If you’re dying for a top-shelf strain, like Super Lemon Haze, you can buy a pre-roll of it at a fraction of the cost. That’s one of the best things about pre-roll joints — you can try out all of the new strains at the same time, without breaking the bank.

A more stylish way to smoke

Prerolls aren’t only convenient, they also look cool! Pre-rolls come in stylish, chic packaging — like cigarettes, only elevated. They are so discreet that no one will notice that you’re smoking marijuana (but they’ll definitely want to know what you have in that fancy pack). They also make it easy to smoke quickly on the street before you run into happy hour or yoga class.

Great Value

Another reason prerolls are the best: pre-rolls are affordable! Packs of five, cost less than an eighth ounce of flowers. Individual pre-roll prices vary based on the type of flower, so you can mix and match multiple strains you want to try out and pick a price point that works for you. Even better, the rolling work is already done for you —all you have to do is order and light.

Your options are endless

You are in control and you have options! If you know what type of strain you like, you can order a five- or seven-pack. It’s basically like buying an eighth ounce of flowers that you love, just with none of the legwork. If you aren’t sure of your favorite strain yet, or just want a different strain for different moods, you can mix and match individuals. Get a sativa cone to smoke in the mornings to get motivated, and an indica for your wind-down at the end of the day. Your options are endless, with classic cone joints, cigarette-style prerolls packs, and even all CBD prerolls if you’re not looking to get high.

You don’t have to give up quality for convenience. Prerolls make smoking easier, faster, and more affordable while giving you more options and less stress. Your welcome.

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