Smoke Queen Brand Pre-Rolls

Smoke Queen serves the “omakase” of Courtney Fernandez. Within these high-end quality pre-rolls lives Courtneys passion for perfection. With ingredients sourced locally, Smoke Queen crafts a very special product for your enjoyment. While the cannabis is always sourced locally, the sustainable packaging is sourced both domestically and internationally, to find earth friendly and appealing packaging that ensure the entire experience is seamless and transcendent. At Smoke Queen, we always have new, chic, cannabis experiences, and custom Pre-rolls for sale. These rare pieces of smokable artwork are usually one-of-a-kind creations from some of the best growers in the world. We only sell the rarest and most enjoyable Pre-rolls on the planet. High end and luxurious, smoking Courtney’s finest will explore your taste for the very best Oklahoma has to offer, every nuance of the choice hand picked cannabis is revealed. Whether an weed novice or self-proclaimed cannabis expert, you will be left with a feeling of euphoria.


We are here to serve. Our products have the end user in mind the entire time. We are about the medical healing properties of cannabis and offer strains that are grown to heal. If you are only looking for high THC content, or cheap pre-rolls, you are in the wrong place.

Hand made

The pre-rolls are hand inspected and weighed. Smoke Queen is obsessive about the pursuit of the perfect Pre-roll experience. Our items are hand packed, hand labeled, custom made.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and providing customers with environmental packaging options, so don’t wait another day to get your hands on our Pre-rolls in our biodegradable joint tubes and join the movement towards sustainability in the Cannabis industry! 

Smoke Queen Premium Pre-rolls